Over the past few days i have started posting blogs to my site. Since i am new to this i registered for the blogging 101 course, and now i am in the process of completing the first assignment. My job is to tell my readers who i am, why i am blogging and what i am blogging about.

The most relevant information about me in regards to this blog is that i am a tennis player who loves all aspects of the sport. As a player, i am constantly working to improve my game, and as a fan i love watching matches, both live and on tv. I can watch a match at any level, juniors to pros, and find it fascinating. I get more excited about the release of a new model of Adidas Barricades than i do about the latest shoe by Jimmy Choo. Ditto for the latest court fashions. I am one of those people that find themselves sleep deprived when the tours do their Asian swing and my life is turned upside down during the Australian Open. I have almost completed the entire fan Grand Slam experience with just the Australian Open remaining on my list.

I know there are a lot of people out there who write about tennis. My idea for this blog is to focus on young Canadian players, primarily those playing university tennis or playing on the futures and challengers circuit. My challenge will be gathering information about the players and tracking their results, but i feel confident it will be a rewarding experience .





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